3 Steps to Being a Good Friend// Why Friendships MATTER and How to Strengthen Your Own

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3 min readOct 20, 2021

What does it even mean to be a good friend? Science shows that friendships matter: longevity is based on satisfaction in relationships. So if you’re not being the best friend you could be, this video is just for you.

The Science of Friendships

Here’s a hard truth to start us off: not all friendships are created equal. Studies point out that friendships do indeed equal happiness, but only if those were best friends or close friends.

In other words, having 500 surface-level acquaintances doesn’t really make us happy.

Sounds familiar?

This is where the big problem comes in. Ultimately, we’re actually pretty lonely.

Loneliness is the difference between one’s desired level of connection and actual level of connection. We are facing a serious loneliness crisis and the only way to solve it is by being a better friend.

Here’s our solution: become a good friend. No, a great friend. Not the “Let’s hang next Saturday!” friends who never call. Not those friends who are nowhere to be found when you need a favor.

A great friend does a lot more and more importantly, makes a difference.

3 Qualities of an Ideal Friend

There are hundreds of qualities that you’ll want to look for in a friend, but these are 3 traits and skills anyone can learn and improve over time.

#1 Vulnerability

They open up about their mistakes, are honest, and admit their feelings.

Surface-level friends refrain from doing this because they aren’t ready or just don’t know you well enough. However, once someone truly opens up to you, you know they’re going to be a real friend.

#2 Consistency

They’re reliable and available to ask for help.

Friendships are all about being dependable. Consistent friends don’t shift personalities when they hang out with you in different groups. They’re loyal and check up on you.

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