Do YOU Want to STOP Being Annoying?// How to Fix Your Personality for the Better

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5 min readMay 11, 2022

If you haven’t already, check out part one of this article where The Success Bistro helps you figure out if you need to revamp your social skills game and/or personality.

Because if you’re that person who walks into a room and all of a sudden the energy in there changes. People avoid your personal space, looking at you, and it gets quiet, then we’ve got some work to do.

So in the previous article, we discussed signs that you are indeed annoying, so in this one, we’ll talk about 6 ways to stop being annoying.

#1 Put on a big smile

This tip works well for people who seem to lack engagement. Because the more you smile, the more people find you engaged. Additionally, we associate people who smile with positive qualities too.

#2 Use the “ask or tell” technique

This one works well for people who are bad at conversations.

People can tell when you aren’t paying attention because you either give no feedback or change the topic to something completely unrelated. Change that by using the “ask or tell” technique.

Whenever you’re in a conversation and the other person says something, simply bounce off of what they said by saying something related to that topic.

For example, if you’re at a networking event and they bring up their restaurant business, you could:

Ask by bringing up a question about their restaurant. Like how long they’ve been open and if they like being in the business.

Then Tell them by telling them something related to the restaurant or business in general, such as your own history of business or a TV show about restaurant businesses — basically anything you can think of!

And here’s a tip if you talk about yourself too much: focus on the ask part of this technique. Shift all your attention to the speaker and keep the conversation going.

#3 Play Angel’s Advocate

This works well for people who like to be right. If you’re used to playing devil’s advocate, I want you…



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