How to Simply SPEAK Better: Implement Confidence and Influence with Just Your VOICE

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4 min readDec 28, 2022

What if I told you that after watching this video, you could influence anyone with just your voice? Whether it’s a crowd of people at an assembly or just one person in an interrogation room, implementing these vital techniques are a game changer when it comes to speaking with more confidence and influence.

And it makes sense because your voice is the reason someone chooses to trust you, believe in you, and like you.

#1 Make a Good Vocal First Impression

As a number of The Success Bistro’s previous videos have stated time and time again, first impressions are everything. Those critical seven seconds can make or break a relationship. And for this reason, focusing on your vocal first impression is very important.

Listen to me say “hello” in six different ways.

1. Normal Hello (This is the control)

2. Happy Hello (Thinking of something that made them happy and holding a Happiness Microexpression)

3. Sad Hello (Thinking of something that made them sad and holding a Sadness Microexpression)

4. Angry Hello (Thinking of something that made them angry and holding an Angry Microexpression)

5. Power Posing (While adopting a Power Pose)

Realize that you were only listening to my voice, yet probably heard the emotion through every single greeting. Keep this in mind when you’re on the phone. People can hear if you’re having a bad day through your tone. People can hear if talking to them makes you happy.

And in this case, according to research, the most likable and charismatic “hello” was the happy one. So next time you’re walking into an interview, go ahead and extract your inner cheer before you open your mouth.

#2 Master These Variables

Okay, so we’ve gotten over the basics like when you’re introducing yourself. Now let’s talk about certain variables that can drastically impact how optimal your voice sounds.

  • The Maximum Resonance Point is your personal vocal range that will…



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