How to Spot a LIAR Immediately// Signs They ARE LYING To You

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5 min readJun 8, 2022

Lie detector tests are a thing based on behavioral psychology. They track heartbeat, respiration, and skin conductivity.

And although you can’t precisely reach over and get the blood pressure of someone you’re having a conversation with, there are many more — if not more reliable — behavior cues that can show you that someone is lying to you.

And this video is all about that.

#1 Not answering with a yes/no

Oftentimes, when someone is telling a lie for whatever reason, they won’t simply answer with yes or no. They’ll just start rambling instead of getting to the point. They might talk in circles when being asked a simple yes or no question.

#2 Sudden presence of formal speech

People will tend to change their entire dialect patterns due to nerves or just wanting to seem more trustworthy while lying. You might hear someone suddenly start using more formal language like “shall” when they don’t usually say things like that.

While a truthful person may say “I didn’t do it”, someone who’s lying may go like “I would not do that”. Or they may even start using “sir” or “ma’am”. It’s a small change that even they don’t notice their making but happens nonetheless.

#3 Lack of first-person pronouns

There’s a psychological science behind why a person uses more first-person pronouns when they’re being truthful. And why shouldn’t they? They performed the actions, they took ownership.

But when someone lies, they’ll subconsciously want to distance themselves from the actions or scenario they are trying to construct. So there is actually a huge difference between saying “a responsible person would not do that! Why do you think I would do that?” instead of “I didn’t do that. Why do you think I would do that?”

This is something we touched base on in our other video about lying over text. Notice if more 2nd or 3rd person pronouns are being used. This is a red flag.

#4 Contradictory gestures



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