How to STAND OUT Both Professionally and Personally// Are You Tapping Into Your Uniqueness?

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4 min readFeb 2, 2022

If you want to stand out, you’ve got to know what makes you special. But the real question is: Are you tapping into your uniqueness?

So how can you become more understood, respected, and heard? What can you do to stand out?

The 4 Key Characteristics

#1 People Skills

The difference between someone who gets a promotion and someone who doesn’t is often their interpersonal skills. The more charismatic and captivating someone is, the more persuasive power they have. The Success Bistro has a playlist just for people skills if you’re looking to improve your own.

#2 Creativity

Being creative is often an undervalued skill, but creativity helps people excel where others do not because they seek out new experiences and open new opportunities.

#3 Take Action

Do you live an active or passive lifestyle? Nothing speaks louder than actions, and if you want to stand out, you must take them. Those who have a purpose are the ones who truly stand out.

#4 Attitude

Positive people have better relationships. Keeping an upbeat attitude and being pleasant to be around can really help you stand out from everyone around you.

These 4 characteristics will help prevent you from just being another “somebody”. Instead, you’ll be unique and memorable.

But remember: standing out isn’t something you can do overnight. Sure, you can dye your hair green, but it takes consistent effort to make a true transformation.

Tips to Stand Out From the Rest of the Crowd

Here are more actionable tips you can take to stand out in your professional and personal life.

Run the Second Mile

People who want to stand out, put in the extra work to stand out. So think of areas in your life where you can go the extra mile like finishing projects, putting in extra hours at work, or making sure your assignments are precise and as perfect as they can be.

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