This is WHY People Find You ANNOYING// And How to Fix It!

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4 min readMar 17, 2022

You walk into the room and all of a sudden the energy in there changes. People avoid your personal space, looking at you, and it gets quiet.

Relatable? Then we’ve got some work to do.

Are you afraid you’re referred to as “that person”? Being annoying can be a social handicap — read on to find out if you’re annoying and how to stop it.

Our goal from The Success Bistro is to help you become more aware of your annoying behavior so you can become a more tolerable person. Maybe even up your people skills game and become socially savvy.

So let’s start!

Am I Annoying?

Most quote-unquote “annoying” people don’t even know that they are irritating in the first place. They may be violating social norms, incompatible with others, or just trying too hard in general. Do you know that you can even be the “irritating person” because you’re being too positive?

This type of positivity aka toxic positivity is a real thing. Sound familiar? Check out The Success Bistro’s related video on it, linked up here.

Now here are a few more signs that you’re annoying:

  • You ask snarky questions. Some people tend to enlist others who ask for favors that they can do themselves as lazy, thus annoying.
  • You’re too loud. Studies show that the level of loudness that a person or environment is can be considered annoying because it is mentally and physically distracting.
  • You interrupt. Are you known for butting into conversations, cutting people off in the middle of sentences, or just thinking of a thought and having to express it at that very moment? Here’s a tip: the more you talk over people, the more annoying you’ll come off as.
  • You lack good hygiene. Not smelling or looking like a clean human being is a simple one. Try to avoid foul scents like strong perfumes or cologne, sweat, and bad breath.
  • You talk negatively. Even if you’re speaking in a positive tone, spilling negative words into a conversation can feel draining. For example, if someone asks you how you’re…



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